31 January 2009

Getting started with digital photography

Think you need a digital camera to have fun with digital photography? Think again. All you need is access to a computer and you’re ready to go.
Taking pictures
•There are several ways you can get pictures ready for a computer:
Scan existing prints and burn a CD
•Scan pictures that you’ve already taken. Whether you have a scanner at home or school, or have access to scanning services through a photo developer, getting favorite photos on a CD lets you quickly and easily copy these cherished memories to a computer for editing, printing, and sharing.
At the one-hour photo request a CD instead of prints
•When you take pictures with a film camera and take them to the one-hour photo for developing, have the pictures put on a CD instead of getting prints. This way you’ll still have access to all the benefits digital photography offers.
Use a digital camera There are lots of different types of digital cameras. Before you buy, make a list of the “must have” features to find the right one for you.

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