31 January 2009

Top 10 digital myths

The early days of digital photography had some problems. Cameras were expensive. Photo quality was not good. There weren’t a lot of tools to handle digital photos.
Top 10 digital myths
Since then digital cameras have gotten a lot better. So have the photos they make. The tools available to manage photos have made digital easier than ever, too.

1. A digital photo is not as good as film. Today’s digital cameras produce great-looking photos, even in large print sizes. Film is good and improving, too. But digital easily keeps pace.
But there are still some people who have a negative view of digital photography. So here are the Top 10 myths…exposed:
2. Digital cameras are big and heavy. There are a lot of small, featherweight digital cameras that have loads of features. They create top-quality photos, too.
3. Digital cameras are slow. For a long time, digital cameras were slower than their film cousins. Every year, digital cameras get faster.
Digital photography guide
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4. Digital photography is expensive. Digital keeps getting cheaper. Someday soon it won’t cost any more than film.
5. It takes too long to transfer pictures to a computer. Get a USB or FireWire memory card reader to make quick transfers. The fastest card readers can copy three or four high-resolution JPEG photos to the computer in one second.
6. It’s hard to view and edit digital photos. Not any more. For example, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 is available for less than US$100 — and it's surprisingly easy to learn and use.
7. It’s hard to make prints from digital photos. Printing digital photos is easy. You can print at home, or on the Internet using an online photo service.
8. Prints from digital photos look bad. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between digital prints and traditional film prints.
9. It’s hard to organize and store digital photos. Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 software lets you organize photos by category: family, friends, school, vacations, and pets. Protect your original photo files — also called digital negatives — by burning a CD and listing its contents on the disk.
10. Digital photography is too much fun. Sorry…this one’s true!

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